Collaborations with Brittany Reeber  

Josephine Marilyn Ana Bey  (2013, digital video) In the process of collaborating on this piece, Reeber and Kerr were interested in destabilizing the identity of the female icon and realizing the gaze of the voyeur through the movement of the camera. Studies for the choreography stemmed from concerns with the collective neuroses perpetuated by the fixation on the female body in North American society.

Directed and Shot by Brittany Reeber
Choreography and Dance by Lucy Kerr

Josephine Marilyn Ana Bey from Brittany Reeber on Vimeo.


I Saw Us In That  (2015, digital video) Brittany Reeber presented this video as part of a multimedia installation at Canopy Art Gallery as part of Co-Lab Projects’ SUMMERSCOOL Program in August 2015 in Austin, TX. The film was screened on loop on an old TV set in the middle of the gallery room. This video was also screened at Babes Fest in Austin, TX during SXSW.

Directed by Brittany Reeber, Cinematography by Carmen Hilbert
Choreography and Dance by Lucy Kerr, also featuring Matt Sledge

I Saw Us In That