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Artist Statement

I work through time-based media including performance, installation, video, and film. I am interested in the multiplicity of structures involved in being a person in the world and the tensions felt through personal experience. I am concerned with the consequences of being situated temporally, historically, and within a body, and yet also having the capacities to imagine, remember, and dream. In this way, I explore the distance between our objectivity and our subjectivity and am interested in how this distance creates an ambiguous experience of ourselves. In my pieces, I am concerned with how the uncomfortable experience of ambiguity might often cause us to gender, polarize, and categorize in effort to organize our vastly mysterious world. And while we fail at constructing complete frameworks and designations to describe reality, I am interested in how we may feel ourselves ultimately grounded in relationship with one another.

My work is rooted in studies surrounding who, what, and how we are expected to be in tension with how we feel and what we desire on an unfamiliar level.  I am interested in how time is structured under specific systems of power, and I question the temporal structures organized by capitalism and linear time – what Nietzsche spoke of as the Christian Doctrine of Sin. I am interested in how these temporal structures influence the architectures of our environments, the power dynamics in our societies, and our postural habits in the U.S., rendering us focussed on output, efficiency, product, and judgement.  I often carefully combine performance with video and film to create moments that merge the situation of the present moment with the dynamics of memory – our past, possible, imagined, and remembered selves – manifested through a screen – in attempt to paint a more complex experience of time and in effort to resist the linear temporal structures of capitalism. The dissonance between the live and virtual selves in my pieces create a sense of being in conversation with an Other, speaking to the ongoing search for a personal sense of self amongst the friction of internal memories and associations and external expectations and representations. Through the juxtaposition of these images, I aim to uncover a sense of possibility in the intersection between what we are right now and what we could/could not be in some place else.


while you were away

while you were here/unraveling


you are nothing/you were all i had

Sleep Piece

The World of Wrestling


The Insides of the Body in Grief

Collaborations with B. Reeber