The Insides of the Body in Grief  (2015-2017) 

The films below are part of a series triggered by Luc Tuymans’ triptych painting of horizontal flowers, titled Embitterment, which is a study in emotional states. Tuymans describes his painting as ‘an emotional self-portrait that coincides with the body, showing the inside of the body.’ This triptych film series interested in the diverging dynamics of the upright erect, external pedestrian body and the internal, apprehending, grieving body, which may feel to be wilting like flowers.

Lydon (2017, 16mm, color)
direction, cinematography, sound by Lucy Kerr
featuring Lydon MacGregor
special thanks: Adam Wand, Alicia Maye, Hayat Hyatt, Betzy Bromgberg, Charlotte Pryce

Bridge Piece (2016, Super 8mm, color)
direction, cinematography, editing in camera by Lucy Kerr
featuring Kristen DeLillo
special thanks: Mono No Aware

Bridge Piece has screened at Lubov Gallery NYC and Hercules Art Studio Program in a program curated by Jenna Westra, and at the Center for Performance Research.

Bridge Piece from Lucy Kerr on Vimeo.

Die Ende (2015, 16mm, black and white)
direction, cinematography, and tape-based editing by Lucy Kerr
featuring Leah Marie Beltran
score by Sarah Malika Boudissa and Thomas Echols
special thanks: Mono No Aware

Die Ende has screened at Anthology Film Archives, The Aurora Picture Show, and The Center for Performance Research

Die Ende from Lucy Kerr on Vimeo.