wave.collapse/I Feel The Earth Move ( 2016, 2017, durational performance installation)

wave.collapse/I Feel The Earth Move exists as series of site-specific performances and installations that make tangible the many contrasting dynamics involved in relationships. Many figures perform for hours on top of a blanket of mulch. They embrace and conflict with one another in a constant flux of interdependence and destabilization. The figures find themselves in unexpected and sudden moments of togetherness that subsequently dissolve, speaking to how we often find ourselves relating to one another in ways we can not explain but can nonetheless strongly feel. Over the course of at least two hours, the mulch makes its imprint on the performers’ skin and they tire, making tangible the effects these ephemeral relationships have had on the bodies of the performers. This piece was performed at The Brooklyn Museum in September 2016, at IDIO Gallery as part of Bushwick Open Studios in October 2016, on the streets outside LEIMAY as part of SOAK in June 2016 and 2017, and as a solo show at MILK + Cereal Austin, Texas in February 2017

wave.collapse/I Feel The Earth Move at LEIMAY 2017 

direction and design by Lucy Kerr
performed by Lir Katz, Rina Espiritu, Lucy Kerr, Elyse Desmond, Stacy Collado, Arantxa Araujo, and Kristen DeLillo

I Feel The Earth Move at SOAK 2017 from Lucy Kerr on Vimeo.


wave.collapse/I Feel The Earth Move at The Brooklyn Museum 2016

choreographed by Lucy Kerr in collaboration with the performers
performed by Elyse Desmond, Mario Galeano, Brandon Fisette, Arantxa Araujo, Lucy Kerr, Mckenzie Chen, Emelie Hedvall, Kenny Frechette, Kristen DeLillo, and Hillary Richerson

I Feel The Earth Move (5min excerpt) from Lucy Kerr on Vimeo.