while you were here/unraveling (2017, performance piece)

This work is a sibling piece to while you were away. In while you were away, video and performance are merged to expose a tension between the performers in the present moment and their uncanny reflections in the film, making visible the poetics of absence. In while you were here/unraveling, the video is removed and the performers exist only in the present moment. The choreography was developed through studies in the movement of a landscape as it is disrupted by human impulse.The performers oscillate through impulses to be vertical and impulses to be horizontal. The tension between these planes of being speaks to the sometimes uncomfortable tension between social expectations for an erect body and our more unfamiliar corporeal desires. 

while you were here/unraveling was presented at The Center for Performance Research as part of Spring Movement 2017.

choreography by Lucy Kerr in collaboration with the performers
Performed by Zach Khoo, Elyse Desmond Arantxa Araujo, Kenny Frechette, Kristen DeLIllo, Ann-Mario Gover, Lir Katz, Rina Espiritu, Jiemin Yang, Mecca Allah, Stacy Collado, Mario Galeano, Mckenzie Chen, and Elizabeth Cowperthwaite
understudies and rehearsal assistants: Mackenzie Taylor and Molly Gorin
lighting design by Mike Faba

while you were here/unraveling excerpt from Lucy Kerr on Vimeo.